Nudist or Naturist?
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Please share your thoughts on what the difference is between being a nudist vs. being a naturist. Do you describe yourself to others only as one or the other? If so, why.

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i am a nature

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I guess I'll have to put myself in the category of "nudist", I love being nude regardless of being out in nature or with others.

That said, I'm not real big on the nature thing, hiking, camping etc. If you love the nudist/naturist lifestyle then it won't matter

what you are!
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I think that nudist has unfortunate links to the image created by the press, the smutty inuendo's and old terminology like 'nudist colony'. I accept that being nude in any surroundings or situations may lead more to someone using the term nudist, but is it only those who involve themselves with outdoors settings or those who commune with nature that can call themselves naturists? I think I personnally prefer naturist, as in being in a natural state, being back to a beginning as nature intended. I am proud to speak openly of what I see as the natural aspects of living a clothes free lifestyle, being naked and feeling very natural. I think 'naturist' suits my perceptions much better.  Smile

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I hope to become a perfect naturist.

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I am a nudist, it describes my lifestyle perfectly. I get the feeling that naturist is a person who is naked behind bushes and doesnt really want to be seen by the greater world

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I'm not sure there is a huge difference. I guess I think of naturists as preferring to be nude outside and as nudists just wanting to be naked. I would consider myself more of a nudist than a naturist since I prefer to be nude anywhere and anytime regardless of the setting.

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I'm new to this and the terminology as well as the etiquette, but when I hear the term naturist I do get the image of some one involved in outdoor activities where as the term nudist just makes me think someone likes to be naked. 

I love being outdoors but as far as camping, hiking and outher stuff done in the woods I prefer to keep my "junk" covered up Simply because it's not where I wanna get bit by anything. The way my luck is I'd be the first person in the world to have west Nile of the cock and balls. 

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I usually refer to myself has a nudist, but I don't quibble over terminology.

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Nudists are those people who are attracted to nudity. They just support the clothes-free lifestyle, but they cannot go naked in outdoor. Nudists cannot enjoy nudism in indoor, outdoor nudism or social nudism is not necessary for them. Nudists feel ''shyness'' being naked in front of others, and they stay naked themselves in ''home''.

Naturists are those people who enjoy being and staying naked in Nature. Who enjoy the beautiful feelings of Nature. In simple language, Naturists are ''outdoor nudists''. Naturists are true nudists, who have no shyness, who are not offended with public nudity. They believe, ''a naked lifestyle is healthy and pleasant if you can enjoy it in Nature, together with friends and family''. Naturists also believe that ''Nothing is much pleasant than staying naked in Nature''. Also Naturism means "Self-respect, Respect to others and Respect to Nature''.

So, in a Clothes-free life, 'Nudist' is a primary rank, those who are 'new' to this life, they belong in this rank. And "Naturist'' is the highest rank in the Clothes-free lifestyle. Because anyone who supports clothes-free life can be called as a 'Nudist'. But those who have guts of going naked in Public or in Nature, only they are called as a "Naturist''.

I'm a Naturist since 2006, I was never been a nudist. From my childhood, I swim naked in river, I love walking naked in nature, I am a naturist. Because I always love to be naked in Nature. When wind blows on my bare naked body, I feel Amazing! To me, nothing is much pleasant than going naked in Public places and in Nature. Because I have no shyness. Kindly see my photos then you will understand the difference between a 'nudist' and a "Naturist''.

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i hate this battle between the two and the seeming pointless semantics.  I consider myself a nudist solely because i consider naturism as being more formalised in clubs etc and i'm not a member of any.  Nudist makes me feel freer.  I don't link a naturist with loving nature any more than i do, but happy to admit i am wrong.

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I prefer Naturist. I find it to be a more family friendly term. Those professing to be Naturists tend to espouse a less sexually charged philosophy in my observation, which, I believe, gives us a better chance of reaching the textile population with the wholesomeness of a clothes free philosophy.

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