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Since I have become a nudist I have had the problem of getting erections when around other guys or gals. I was wondering it this happens to others. I kinda feel a little embarrassed about it but the other half of me isn't. Since I was little boy I wasn't t
nudistjake85 · 84 days ago

There has recently been some discussion about the quality of photos posted on this site. I'm usually a little silent when people talk about photo quality because I'm not one of those DSLR cameramen and I only own a compact camera - the more gimmicky the be
rebel · 123 days ago

I've just recently started on some body building workouts and have been going to the gym three times a week and whenever I have time, I work out on the Power Tower that I recently bought. I've got to keep up with my wife who is into advanced yoga and has t
rebel · 124 days ago

It's now the hot and dry season. There's been no rain for the past few weeks and all the plants are dying. I make it a point to water them regularly. The good thing about the tropics is you don't need clothes all year round.
rebel · 188 days ago

Photographs of the male nude usually evoke a very different reaction from viewers.  While many find female frontal nude pics perfectly acceptable and tasteful, they react very differently when confronted with male frontal nudity.  I suspect this is quite a
rebel · 200 days ago

Here are some pics I took in March last year (2013).  What really takes the breath away is its incredible beauty and serenity.  There is a lovely beach. And there are mountains.  One could go hiking on trails flanked on both sides with wild flowers.
rebel · 209 days ago

sorin · 213 days ago

Having joined Truenudists when it first started, more than 8 years ago i guess, i can honestly say, that were i new to naturism, the website Truenudists would really put me off.    The main chat room is a disgrace: i have never come across such a rude bunc
inman · 267 days ago

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